Zapier - How to Automate your Business and Gain Efficiency

Even if you are a beginner or never used Zapier before, you will learn how to start and configure your own automations.

Stop wasting time with repetitive tasks, automate your processes and increase processes efficiency and consistency.

Easy automation for busy people

Are you tired to waste time managing information from one system to another? 

Double checking if all data was entered right? Or dealing with the results of wrong data in your applications? 

You and your employees can't waste time. Your time is valuable and expensive to be used in non efficient tasks.

On the daily basis the number of applications used by companies are increasing. It is hard to manage all companies workflows in just one system.

Specific applications like e-commerce, marketing automation, communication, social media, CRM, ERP, project management can become a nightmare without the proper integration and productive workflows.

Your company can operate faster than your competitors, your processes can run more efficiently and accurately.

If you have a "glue" like Zapier, you can connect your systems with more than 1000 apps and eliminate repetitive and inefficient tasks with a matter of minutes.

Save thousand of hours of your team and help them work smarter.

And that's exactly what you can implement in your business.

The more organized your routine, the greater the focus, concentration, and sense of priority.

If you want to organize your processes and optimize workflows, I will share with you practical workflow examples using Zapier.

You can absorb ready-made practical examples and start optimizing your routine.

You don't need to hire an expensive developer, you can start practicing in a simple and effective way.

Well, that's exactly what I want to help you with this training.


Your time is valuable to waste in repetitive tasks


What you will learn in this online course


The foundation

  • How to create your account
  • Explore the main structure
  • Understand the differences of Triggers and Actions
  • Zapier starndard and Premium apps
  • How to confirm if your system is available at Zapier.



  • How to setup your first integration
  • Configure your Multi-step integration involving more than 2 systems.
  • Using Filters to implement specific rules
  • Running Search to match specific records and validate business rules.
  • Integrate your Gmail with TodoIst task manager (real example step by step)


Real scenarios

  • How to validate everything is running smoothly
  • Track all transactions checking the history section.
  • Learn how to audit any information being transmitted and what is happening real time
  • Learn the importance of keep everything organized to avoid errors.


Step by Step Configuration from Scratch

  • Track TypeForm survey's answers using Google Sheet
  • Validate business rules searching for rows in Google Spreadsheet
  • Upload Dropbox photos to Facebook automatically
  • Integrate Facebook LeadAds with ActiveCampaign to improve lead response time
  • Effective Engagement sending new Gotowebinar registrants to Mailchimp
  • Track your Stripe sales in a Google Sheet and generate awesome reports
  • Automate task creation using Slack and Evernote (new)
  • Salesforce - Create and Update Lead information from Salesforce to ActiveCampaign
  • Automating Sales Process using Webhooks and Google Contacts
  • Expand the possibilities of Airtable with Zapier



100 Ideas to Improve your Daily Life with Zapier (PDF)

Practical Routines Step-by-Step

Audit all Transactions in an Efficient Way
Connect +1000 apps
SalesForce configuration included
Create your Own Multi-Step Integrations
Real Examples Step by Step
Zapier Native Apps


Mauricio knows the subject matter very well and gets to his points quickly and concisely.

He doesn't waste time chit-chatting like many instructors do.

Rick Grim

Mauricio provided good insight on how to create and debug zaps including multi step.

The number of apps in Zapier is large but the Zapier help can be confusing and unhelpful when errors occur or settings are set incorrectly.

Colin Munford

Never worked with Zapier before and this class gave me an excellent start! It's easily explained, all the examples work, and finishes at an intermediate to advanced level. I would love to see a follow up class created with some sales funnels from FaceBook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Whaylon Coleman

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Zapier - How to Automate your Business and Gain Efficiency

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100 Ideas to Improve your Daily Life with Zapier (PDF)

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